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A love letter about Jodie.

Recently my life has changed. Not just a little, but a lot. I met someone. An extremely awesome lady who is funny, who is smart, who kisses like an electric mermaid and has turned my life completely upside down. What sorcery is this.

It’s a funny thing really. Those butterflies in your stomach, that feeling you get when you can’t wait to see someone – even if it’s only been five minutes since you saw them last. Listening and watching and waiting and knowing that this is the kind of something special that’s going to last more than a weekend.

The story of how we met is really funny. One of those drunken stories I don’t mind telling because the ending isn’t as mortifying as the beginning.

So there was this party. She was there. I was nervous. I drank most of her vodka and then vomited it up not once, but twice in front of her. Waking up at 530 and talking to her for three hours before I finally had to go home and have two sleeps where I woke each time feeling extremely sorry for myself, vowing that I would never drink vodka again. Ever, ever? Never, never.

The second time I woke up from my drunken slumber I knew I had to see her again. That my life depended on the one act of bravery it would take to ask her to hang out with me again. She did. We did. And now we are us.

Last year I believed that there was no way I could ever fall in love again. I don’t believe I have to remind anyone of the ridiculous situation I found myself in 2 years ago and how hard it was to drag myself out of the darkness.

So cue right now. Weekends that pass by like minutes, goodbyes that last hours and jokes are so funny I’m still laughing two days later.

I want to write her all the love letters and sing her all the love songs and buy her all the flowers but none of it will ever be enough.

She calls me a superstar. She thinks the colours in my mind are mesmerising. She loves that I know the words to 90’s songs. She loves that my hair is the best hair in Brisbane and she made me breakfast and she packed my lunch for work.

She has a job and a car and a dicky knee. She called me a clown when I couldn’t find the water in her fridge. She made me a lemon drink out of real lemons when I kept waking her up with my cough. What sorcery is this, indeed.

She caught my cold and was really sick but she wasn’t angry at me. She likes football and tried to talk me through some app she has and didn’t seem to mind that I had no real idea of what the hell she was talking about .

For the first time in my life I want to understand this ball game of ‘foot’. I can’t wait to hear her yell at the TV when a man in short shorts doesn’t do something correctly with the egg shaped bit of leather. I’ll probably want to yell too! ‘Damn you overpaid man for playing a game that’s hard to understand who also takes money away from important ¬†arts projects! Damn you all to – TRY!’. Look, I don’t even know if that’s the correct terminology but I have a feeling I’ll love every minute of it.

I am stunned every single day that she chose me. That she would even talk to me for more than 30 seconds is something that I can’t even comprehend. My clumsy attempts at humour have her laughing for ages and she tells me there’s no place she’d rather be than here, with me. An outrageous waste of her time but something I’m certainly not going to talk her out of.

So this is my update, friends. Long-winded as usual but finally from a place of peace I suppose. A happy, contented, loved-up piece of heaven where I’ve actually met someone who has literally changed everything.



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